Cowards, Crooks and Warriors


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Family man and police officer Howard Hamilton happily works the quiet night shift in the Orchard Hills community of California. One evening, he is in a situation where he might have used his firearm but froze, which is when he starts to question his qualifications as a Police Officer. Then, the unthinkable happens: a rookie officer is killed.

When the department struggles with their first on-duty death in ten years, the new chief transfers HH to day watch where the bad luck really begins. Within days, another officer has a heart attack. Then, HHs good friend accidently kills an officer while hunting. HH becomes unwittingly embroiled in a drug-dealing cops arrest. The OHPD is in a state of duress!

While the department swirls in the windstorm of deaths, HH discovers the body of Ginny, sister to the largest business owner in town. She has been brutally slain in a ritualistic murder, which brings in LAPDs occult expert. HH wants nothing more than to return to the usual night shift and his family, but first, he has to work with his nemesis to unravel a horrendous crime in a city once lauded for its peace and quiet.

Publication date: April 24, 2015

Language: English