Three Decades Two Uniforms


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Born in Sac City, Iowa, in 1929, Clancy’s fertile imagination illuminated his childhood adventures during the Great Depression. In these impressionable years, he explored the woods as he hunted for morel mushrooms and trapped wild game for dinner. He learned the secrets of the river as he honed his fishing skills. After leaving home at the tender age of 15 to fend for himself, Clancy joined the Marines at 17. He served in China and then the South Pacific. A couple of years after his discharge he was called back into the Marine Corps to fight in the Korean War. An art major during his interrupted college life, Clancy met his sweetheart, Gail, while on leave from training at Camp Pendleton. At the conclusion of his military career, Clancy and Gail began their 63 year marriage and charted a new course as they raised their family of three sons and explored job options. As a police officer ticketed him one day, the man suggested that becoming a fellow officer might be a fine idea and Clancy decided to take him at his word. Thus began a storied career of 21 years in law enforcement with the LAPD. He had many incidents with murderers, movie actors, celebrities and well known crimes in Los Angeles. During those years, he recorded much of it in his artwork, some of which is pictured in the book. Retirement brought Clancy to the gates of Sequoia National Park in Three Rivers, where he reinvented himself once again. Artist, traveler, soldier, officer, Clancy Barlow has a tale to tell like no other.

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Publication date: December 17, 2015

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